Red Blood is an educated unicorn from Canterlot.


Red Blood is a very outgoing, friendly pony, which can put him in some awkward situations. He is always ready to meet new ponies, when his nose isn't firmly buried in one of his many books. Always up for an adventure with his friends


Red Blood is cousins with Sunny Splash and lives with Gilda in his home near the Ponyville Clinic. Unfortunately, Red's job and research keeps him quite busy, and unable to spend the time he would like to with all the ponies of Ponyville



Red Blood was born in Seasaddle and moved to Canterlot after being accepted into Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. His parents are Red Sky, a unicorn mare, and Stalk, an earth pony stallion celery farmer. Growing up, Red Blood had a hard time accepting his mixed-race upbringing, often ashamed of his non-magical father. After Seasaddle was confronted with a drought, Red Blood learned how valuable his father was to the city, even without magic.

Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns

After displaying a vast knowledge and interest in pony anatomy and physiology, Red Blood's parents enrolled him in Celestia's school for gifted unicorns. There, he honed his abilities in magic, beginning his research into combining medicine and magic into one process.

Canterlot Medical College

Upon graduation from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, Red applied to Canterlot Medical College. Red spent his time at CMC learning more about medicine, and only practicing his magic in his spare time. Because of his magic, he was often alienated from his mostly Earth Pony classmates.

Skills and Talents

Red Blood's cutie mark is a blue medical symbol, representing his ability to combine his (slight) unicorn magic with his medical knowledge. Red Blood has a knack for helping patients, even with just his kind words and helping hoof. Red Blood works as the assistant to Nurse Redheart in Ponyville, but also helps any of his friends whenever they want.

OOC/Player Notes

Red Blood's player keeps him quite busy with the clinic and his relationship with Gilda, leaving him very little time for random fun. His player hopes to start having a lot more adventures with Red in the future.