This character is inactive.

This character has been inactive in our RP for a considerable amount of time, has voluntarily left the RP, or we've never had an account for them.

If this is an Original Character (OC), it shouldn't be re-created, copied, or adopted without the original player's permission. If this is a Show Character or Show-Derived Character, it may be up for adoption, contact the previous player for more information.

A pony in the weather factory in Cloudsdale.


Raindrops is a friendly background pony in the Weather Factory. Very friendly and social. Like most ponies she just a run-in-the-mill citizen doing their daily jobs. Raindrops is just a nice pony who loves to fly and join Ponyville evnts like any other. She is also very good friends with the ponies in Cloudsdale, including Blossomforth, Bulk Biceps, Silverspeed and more. She also likes to chat and hang-out with everypony.

Weather Factory

The Weather Factory is a factory in Cloudsdale that controls the weather in Ponyville.


You can roleplay with this character anytime. Just remember to mention her!