Rain Chaser is a Pegasus stallion that lived in the city of Manehattan and lived in the Everfree Forest before moving to the small town of Ponyville.


Rain Chaser is a pony that loves to do what he likes and also enjoys the company of his friends.

Around his friends, his personality can vary from light hearted and charismatic and easy to get along with. Once provoked into danger, he can become senseless and hard-headed, but is loyal to his friends and willing to defend them at the cost of his life.


Early Background

Rain Chaser was not originally born in Manehattan. He was born in Cloudsdale where he resided until he graduated from Junior Flight School. After graduating, he felt that he was feeling empty on the inside and was missing out on something and decided to pack up and leave for Manehattan, where he would start his new life. Still a minor in the large city, he was forced into the Manehattan Orphanage, where he would spend the rest of his days in solitude, boredom and misery. Not keen with spending the rest of his life like that, he decided to sneak out one night and make his way into the Everfree Forest.

Life in the Everfree Forest

After his journey into the forest, he felt that he found the one thing inside him that he was missing. After days of wandering in the forest, surviving off of the fruits and water of the forest, he'd grown attached to it and decided to make the forest his new home. Upon his third week of wandering, after surviving a manticore attack, he had come across a strange lake in the forest known as Lavender Lake, where he would discover the properties of the lake. He would soon come to find out after months and years of using the lake to heal his wounds, it has also enhanced his sense of sight, smell, and hearing, allowing him to become more in tune with nature and being able to become more adaptable to any of his surroundings.

Life in Ponyville

After being tired of dodging the dangers of the Everfree Forest, he decided to pick himself up and keep moving forward. After surviving the harsh intensities of the fields of the world outside of him, be it physical danger or surviving the harsh weather of the world, he stumbled upon the town of Ponyville, where he resides to this very day.

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