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Qwerty Keys is an typewriter maker earth pony who lives on the outskirts of Ponyville, near the Everfree Forest.


Qwerty was born on Manehattan, being the only child of a middle class family. His father was an inventor and Qwerty liked to play on his father's workshop, one day his father left the workshop alone and Qwerty managed to make a functional typewriter with the parts that were there, obtaining his cutie mark.

When he grew up he got engaged with a mare, friend of the family, but suddenly she decided that she was not in love with him anymore and left him. Qwerty decided to move to Ponyville to forget all about it and start anew.


Qwerty's main skill is to make typewriter but he is good at fixing any other machine too. He likes to write lyrics about his feelings on his free time.

Personality and relationships

He has no problems talking to ponies he doesn't know but he has a problem remembering faces sometimes. Can be serious at times but enjoys spending time with his friends. Currently has a love relationship with Heartsong, an unicorn from Manehattan he met on Ponyville.


He was named after the first letters that appears on a keyboard.

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