Duchess Quick Wing af Mail is the first born daughter of the af Mail family and is taught by experience of how the world looks. as she took off to find her cutie mark at an early age. She is raised by the world rather then her parents and having seen a lot, she was in love with common folk's way of life and started despising being the pony shining on a pedestal. With the world raising her she has been able to be concealing her noble reality and got friends that was her friends for her and not because of the title. She loves her husband and daughter so much and would never abandon them or her firends for anything.

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The Pony you meet every day is a happy go lucky mare that loves Chocolate, Waffles, Pasta, oriental seasonings and Chai (Arabic teas.) Heavy Metal music is her shinding. There is almost no subject she won't be up for discussing with anypony. But if you manage to find something then you better leave it at that. She’s a loyal follower of Equestria's Dusk and Night crown (Twilight, Luna and Nightmare).


Quick Wing af Mail is the firstborn daughter of Silver Moore and Gravel Path af Mail. Born and lived her first years in a castle near Stableholm, Sweighden. As a young filly she wanted to see the world and told her parents. Her mother Silver Moore blankly denied it as a noble doesn't do things like this but her father Gravel Path saw no reason not to let his little girl explore the world as young as she was.

Gravel told her that if she wanted, he'd sponsor her journey, as long as she kept in touch with him. More than happy of course, she would send letters about her experiences out in the wide world. So her journey started in (Finland) then up to the arctic border to (Norway) down to (Denmark). Keeping a journal on her journey’s progress all the while sending letters and filled journals to her father who forwarded it to Sweighdens Princess. Her Royal Highness Victoria Bernahoof was very surprised to find that a young filly could do it and took interest in the whole thing. So some years and countries visited later but still no cutiemark. But she never gave up and kept on her journey.

Silver Moore who the whole time was against it sent ponies to get Quick back home but they never succeeded because of either a bribe or a sappy face. Annoying her mother wasn’t her priority but her mother would rather dress Quick up like a princess for sit in a room looking pretty then adventuring. After a while Silver had been ordered by the princess to let Quick be.

Much to Quicks relief as she was entering her teens and had visited lots of countries she landed in Caerfilly the capital of Hayles. Looking for a place to stay as she found a place that was hiring younger ponies for the summer holidays. She meet Coaldust a mare and to be engineer, who wanted a roomie and would later become Quicks first friend. Quick and Coaldust shared many things. Quick told Coally about the world she'd seen and in return Coally taught faster mental arithmetic’s. the temporary job that the blankflanked Quick got resulted in the cutiemark in the first days. That sealed Quicks special thing. Quick was to be a mailmare.

The quest was done but Quick didn’t find that she’d fulfilled her goal quite yet so after a few years in Caerfilly she took off after quitting her job. Years passed and Quick Wing finally landed in the quaint little town called Ponyville in the nation of Equestria. Beginning her new life here opening a postalservice that later would become part of Equestrias Postal Service or the EPS for short. Now before she knew it she found out that Coaldust had arrived in Ponyville too. A few months after the return of Princess Luna she found herself a stallion. The love between herself and Sabaton started after she crashed his favourite kite. From loud arguments in the Ponyville hospital to a deep kiss.


Quick Wing is a good and fast organizer with a great sense of punctuality, being able to read a huge variation of hoofstyles. She is also knowledgeable in matters about foreign pony politics, economics and cultures.

Family and Friends

Twilight Luna Dancer af Mail - There is no reason Quick should not love TLD, cause it's Quicks little baby girl.

Sabaton af Mail - Her loving  husband and the father to Twilight Luna Dancer. She undoubtedly loves him with all her heart although they meet with a crash.

Duke Duct Tape af Mail - Is Quick's baby brother. He's currently living with his father in Canterlot. Duct Tape is obsessed with duct tape and always carries at least 10 rolls with him. He is not the least interested in mares

Duchess Honey Scones af Mail - Quicks little sister and ex mothers-pet. She used to do everything mother asked of her till she told her mother about the marefriend. Currently living with her marefriend and father in Canterlot. She is not at all intrested in stallions.

Silver Moore - The mother of Quick, Duct and Honey. She thinks she knows best always but is just trying to make her kids follow her dream. She ultimatly failed when Quick left and the two siblings see her eldest sister more as a mother than their actual mother

Duke Gravel Path af Mail - Is the Father that is proud of his three little Gems no matter what they choose, as long as they are happy and keep from trouble he'll love them anyway he can.

Coal Dust - Her first and probably best friend who she goes to with mostly everything on her mind.

Dai Greenhoof - is Coal Dusts husband and a goof friend of Quick's.

Saethwr - Quick likes him he's a chap. Wonder why his parents named their son "Markspony" though the horn doesn't work but his wings does.

Tea_Leaf - Another one of Quick Wing's best friends. She loves to hng out with her and oh not to mention her Teas. Quick can't be without Tea Leafs Cardamom black tea.

SGT. Silver_Bullet - The Sarge is one of the guards that Quick loves to hang around. She thinks he's quite silly.

Bird Cat - This silly and down to earth, pony is a jewelry maker that is close to Quick. He can always count on her.

SPC. Aussie Battler -. A great buddy that Quick could hug cause he's so cute. She loves his aussie accent. makes her squee with joy inside to hear.

Drill Sargeant DarkFire - If not one of the best stallions around. If she wasn't married already... Loves to practise with him. he's a great swords pony.

Gilda_Griffon - Quick loves Gilda. Well Quick really likes to be able to call this Griffon her friend. She even trusts Gilda enough to let G take the EPS now during her absence

Misc/ Trivia/ FAQ

The Family name (af Mail) is from the begining of the era where the Pony tribes started mixing. The son of the af Mail (Pegasus) house and the daughter of the af Chain (Earth Pony) house. Fleeing out into the woods and having their children. Later returning with their children and regaining their nobility as the "af Chainmail" house founders. Later it was shortened to just "af Mail".