Pyro Tiberius Feuer is just your local pyrotechnician, making fire, burning fire, living in fire, and other fire things! Lives on the outskirts of Ponyville using his time making delicious fireworks and explosive sandwiches.


Born on December 22, 1986 and raised in Seaddle with his parents Jackie Frost and Isaac Thundermane, both unicorns, Pyro was a very enthusiastic and daredevilish child. After an accident involving the annual Summer Barn Dance in Seaddle, which had been very dry that year, and Pyro trying to make hot moves on his marefriend, Daisy Sunshine, Pyro obtained his cutie mark. Due to the unstable boundaries of his fire magic, Pyro left of his own accord to master his newfound talent. Many years passed during his lonesome travels, and many tales are left to tell of his adventures, but soon enough he knew it was time for him to settle down. He stopped at the first town he came upon, Ponyville.


Pyro has a pet tiger, Philip. He's pretty cool.


Pyro's magic is based upon fire; Through many years of personal study, he has mastered three spells:

  • Creation and manipulation of fire
  • Fireproofing and Fire deproofing.
    • Pyro is able to control how much heat effects other objects. For example, he could heat proof an ice cube, rendering it as a Forever-Cube(c). Or, he could deproof the gazebo, instantly lighting it as it is now unable to resist heat!
  • Control over the color of fire

Pyro also creates delicious sandwiches.


Due to certain circumstances, Pyro and Lemony were retconned into a reality where neither one knew each other. While they were together, they adopted a child from Madam Foster's Home for Non-Imaginary Children named Orange Creme, a filly who had yet to receive her cutie mark. They also got married in a "Hangover" like wedding, heading to Las Pegasus, going out to hit the clubs, and waking up in the morning back at the hotel with a marriage certificate, a tiger, and a very confused Orange Creme who had been babysat by a talking duck.


  • Has a secret room under his workshop where the king of all peanut butter lives
  • LOVES WITH A PASSION Relitively likes pie of the apple flavor
  • Refuses to take off his sunglasses