Pyro's Technics is the place to go when you need something to light up the night! Or a sandwich. With the new attachment to the shop, sandwiches are only a bite away! You can get your fireworks and a meal for a picnic at the same time! Just be sure not to eat the fireworks.


Attatched to Pyro's house is the most impeccable looking workshop you've ever laid eyes on. Inside you will find Pyro standing behind his spacious counter, working on his latest creations. "What creations are available today?" you ask. Well, let's find out:

Items for Sale Price
Fireworks - Small 4 Bits
Fireworks - Medium 7 Bits
Fireworks - Big 10 Bits
Fireworks - Big Boom 15 Bits
Firecrackers - 20 Pack 3 Bits
Magic Push Button Lighter 25 Bits
Matches - 30 Pack

1 Bit

Footlong 10 bits
6-Inch 6 bits
Extra Toppings 2 bits each

Please be careful when ordering. If improper word choice is used, you may end up with a sandwich with .75 ounces of gunpowder and a squirt of lighter fluid on it.

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