Punkie was born in Hayseed, a little farming town on the other side of the Everfree. She is a unicorn like her father. Her twin, Catch, is a pegasus like their mother. She has two other brothers, Kit and Sun, and two sisters, Bunni and Flora. Her grandfather also resides in Hayseed with her family. Bunni lives in Canterlot. Her family runs an animal and flower farm.


Punkie is a singer and adventurer. She is great with animals and has a cogasi (Muse...a pegasus-like dog with catlike tendencies who became that way when she had a unicold) companion. She sings fairly regularly at the Pony Palace. She also sings at the Ponopera House in Canterlot. She resides in Ponyville with her twin brother Catch (who is engaged to Izzy and has a dragon, Rinwynna, an earth dragon) in a large cottage just outside the Everfree Forest on a hill near a pond.


She is a skilled singer of many genres including: opera, pop, jazz, and others. She can play piano and guitar. She is also capable of a mushroom spell that will cause multitudes of mushrooms to spring up and begin dancing. She has been known to help her brother tame creatures. Punkie has received the highest rank in Pony Scouts alongside her brother. She is smart, kind, and always ready for adventure. If upset or if she ate coconut, her jinx magic kicks in and becomes nearly uncontrolable (although, she recently learned to harness it to a degree).


Catch: twin brother, pegasus, creature catcher/tamer, lives in the same house, likes to cause mischief with his sister, engaged to Izzy, mlp_Catch Izzy: soon-to-be sister-in-law, unicorn, jester, lives in same house, mlp_Izzy

Bucky Shelford : coltfriend, whom she loves very much and laughs with often, mlp_Buck

Tailsin: friend and fellow adventurer, loves him like a brother, @mlp_Tailsin

Muse: pet cogasi (pegasus/dog/catlike tendencies), absolutely adorable, mlp_Muse

Rinwynna: earth dragon (can do earthy things, but can't breath fire), also absolutely adorable, mlp_rinwynna

Terra Viridis : a pegasus and friend, mlp_Terra

Has other friends and relations, so, if I forgot you, I am sorry!! You know how much love Punkie has for everypony! ^.^ <3


Punkie's name is derrived from a nickname given to the player at one time by a friend (which the player is no longer called, but thought would make a good pony name). Punkie Brewster is indeed inspired by the show (look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about)! ^.^ Treble (one of her middle names) can be interchanged with Trouble. ^.~