Prince Saber Light is the Prince of a kingdom somewhere outside of Equestria.


Not much is known about Saber's past. He lived his kingdom until three years after a magical fire burnt most of it down, and killed everypony there. He stayed there continuing his life work, studying old texts. Originally he studied because his brother was next in line to be king, and he needed something to do to be usefull.

Present:Saber now studies magic and makes friends in Ponyville. He is constantly on the lookout for a spell that could reverse the past and bring all of the ponies who died in the fire back. His friends from Ponyville so far are Amity Bonds, and Dawn Flash.

Romance:Prince Saber has said that he had a girlfriend, though nothing about her is known.

Personality:He puts up a practically emotionless exterior, with the aid of magic. He is not very good in social situations, due to flat out lack of practice, but still puts forth a good effort. He has had a soft spot for orphan foals ever sense his kingdom burnt down.

Studies: Prince Saber studies an old type of magic, where most spells come with prices. Studying magic has, and still does take up almost all of his life.

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