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Prince Jack==


Prince Jack Was born in Canterlot with his dad : Prince Pite And With His Mother Princess Maria Prince Jack is a royal pony he lives in the Canterlot He is about 26 years old


Prince Jack has beein' always a royal pony he dicated his life for making friends how he was born on royal ponies his dad where a Royal Prince And His Mother A Royal Princess so how Jack is a Royal pony he leard his cutie mark a royal crown


Prince Jack has a talent of racing prince jack when he was little he stared racing with his friends he always wanted to be a racing pegasus so his wings are very fast but how he is a royal prince he is not able to be a racing pegasus but he still racing with his friends


Jack has always having friends he best friend is Princess Lemon a young Girl with talent of cooking he have meet her when he was 5 so she is like his best friend

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