Prim hemline

Prim Hemline is a supporting character who appears in theseason four episode Rarity Takes Manehattan. She is a fashion critic and judge for Manehattan's Fashion Week.


"Miss Rarity, how is it that all your competitors are here half an hour early, and yet you arrive seconds before we begin?"
— Rarity Takes Manehattan
"Oh, bravo! I've never seen anything like it!"
— About Suri Polomare's fashion line, Rarity Takes Manehattan
"Let's have another round of applause for Suri Polomare's amazing collection."
— Rarity Takes Manehattan
"Rarity, they all adore you! Aren't you going to tell them about your fabulous pieces?"
— Rarity Takes Manehattan


Prim Hemline may roleplay with Twitterponies, Just as long as she isn't busy, and if it's okay with her.