On July 20, 2013, an animatic clip of this episode was shown at San Diego Comic-Con International. In the clip, Applejack/Mistress Mare-velous, Fluttershy/Saddle Ranger,Pinkie Pie/Fili-Second , Rainbow Dash/Zap, Rarity/Radiance, Spike/Humdrum , Twilight Sparkle /Masked Matter-Horn, The Mane-iac  , and more characters appear.


"When Spike and the ponies are transported into the city of Maretropolis in his favorite comic book, Spike is disappointed when he becomes a boring sidekick instead of one of his favorite heroes. But when the ponies come up against pony super villain, The Mane-iac, Spike becomes the last line of defense to help save the day."


Spike: Holy new personas, ponies! The Mane-iac: Power Ponies! *laughs* How kind of you to join us!*[evil laughter*  Power Ponies: Huh? Zap: I was already awesome! And now we've all got superpowers! Mistress Mare-velous: Time to Power Pony up! Fili-Second: Nice catch phrase!