This page will contain many recipes for potions ranging from the common cold to transformation.

if you need any potions made just contact Glass Beaker.

Common Cold Potion

The common cold potion is pretty self explanitory. it cures the common cold.

Ingredients include

  • Water from a Spring
  • Ash from a long dead fire
  • a Poison Joke leaf (dont worry, the other ingredients calm it's effects)
  • a Ground peppermint leaf (for flavoring)
  • a Feather of a dying Phoenix

mix together in a brass cauldron. and after cooling you should have a green liquid which smells like fresh unearthed mint. once the contaminated person drinks the mixture, they should return to normal in a few minutes

Strength Potion

This potion will make you physically and mentally strong for a while

Ingredients include

  • Fresh Unpasturised Milk
  • Shaving of Ivory from an Elephants Trunk
  • Fish Paste
  • Fire paste (every spice and pepper gound up into a paste that burns)
  • 2 Raw Eggs
  • Chocolate Milkshake (dont ask, For taste)

Mix all together without heat and drink. should make you mentaly and physically strong for about and hour*

  • Effects may last up to 1 month*

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