The Ponyville Museum is the town museum curated by Blatherbrain and
open for visits beginning April 1st. The museum is located in the southern portion of Ponyville, nearby the entrance to Whitetail Woods, as well as near the Nighthawks coffee shop. Though the Museum itself is not currently open, donations are currently being accepted.


After graduating in Canterlot U, Blatherbrain was approached by his professor to set up a museum in Ponyville, as all the curators in the Equestrian Museum Program refused to move from their locations to set up a Museum. As a result, Blatherbrain accepted the offer and has built the museum to act as a place to showcase insects, fish and various artistic paintings and even rare fossils. However, with the museum without much content, it's going to take more than one pony to fill up the entire museum...

Exhibit List


Black Bass - Donated by Alberio

Carp - Donated by Alberio

Insect Exhibit

Painting Gallery

Fossil Exhibit

RP Info

Ponies are encouraged to help Blatherbrain fill up the insect, fish, painting and fossil exhibits in the Museum whenever the Museum is open for donations as posted under mlp_Blather. Certain insects and fish will only be out in the wild during certain months, while others will be out throughout the year. Certain fish can also only be acquired at the beaches at Manehatten or any other port town. Reports on sightings on these kinds of bugs and fishes will be reported on #PVMuseum.

Fossils can only be obtained through excavations outside of Ponyville. Vague reports have stated that some fossils have been sighted in the Everfree Forest and the Dragon Lands, but ponies are encouraged to search far and wide as much as possible to find unique fossils.

Paintings can be donated from fellow ponyville artists whom wish to show their best pieces (ooc: Fellow artists in our rp can link their best drawings to be linked here/be part of the exhibit)

In order for any donation to be accepted, one must rp the process of acquiring/ creating the item (ex: Doing a solo or group rp session at the lake when a report on #PVMuseum mentions black bass and koi fish are roaming and either fishing for a while and catching a few easy-to-get bass or doing it for the whole day and eventually finding a koi fish). As long as the session is rp'd believably enough, the donation will be accepted and be posted here. Any items that have already been donated can still be accepted and exchanged for bits. Also keep in mind not to try to donate too many items in one day.

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