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The Ponyville "Danger Field" Diagram


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The Danger Zone was designed by Bolt McRunfast based on the various exercise and WonderBolt training manuals he studied for weeks. It’s intended to provide a place for ponies to safely work out and train in addition to what the Danger Field already provides.

It is located narby the PEGAPAL HQ .

History of the "Danger Zone"

Originally intended to be smaller and more focused in Bolt's efforts to help his best friend Quick Draw fulfill his lifelong dream of joining the Wonderbolts, per usual it grew in proportion until this area was created.

The Different Exercise Zones

PPHQ Danger Zone

PPHQ Danger Zone

Running/Flying Track
: Relatively self explanatory. This is a mile-long track that circles the whole field to be used for doing laps or other types of long-form running/flying exercises.

Short Dashing Track: This is for sprints, practicing takeoffs and measuring wingpower (note the anemometer in the image).

The Windmills: Magically powered (with all edges cushioned), the windmills allow both runners AND flyers to practice focus and aiming. There are 4 arms per windmill, but only 2 of them have rings to go through. The goal of the exercise is to practice timings so you can make it through all four loops without getting knocked aside or hitting a wall.

Large Group Exercise Field: Also self-explanatory. A space set aside for group aerobics, strength training or any other activity that requires a large open space.

The Rings: Arranged to allow for maximum maneuvering training and aerobatics testing, the rings sit just above the treeline surrounding the field. While there is a main route through them indicated on the image, ponies are encouraged to come up with their own routes to maximize their training.

Dizzitron: Only recently come to light, the device rapidly spins ponies around and launches them into the air in order to help them practice aerial recovery. (Note: Do not use the Dizzitron without a partner. Use is limited to Pegasi or any pony granted flight through magic, potion, curse or whatnot.)

Fine Print

(Obligatory fine print: Bolt McRunfast, the “PegaPals” or anypony associated with the “Danger Zone” is not responsible for any injuries, curses, magic spells or general discomfort resulting from the use of the “Danger Zone”.)

((Obligatory OOC fine print: This area was originally designed as a work out area for the ponies of the town. Everything is padded and magically contained, so “accidents” should be at a minimum. If you have any questions, please post in the comments. And as always, HAVE FUN!))

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