All you have to do is take a cup of flower, add it to the mix...

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A large three compartment compost bin large enough for the entire town, with wooden lids, a pail, pitch fork and thermometer near by. Its located south of town on the west edge of the southern trail. half way between Sweet Apple Acres and Sir Ket's Silo. It's been anchored down to resist blizzards and floods. There is a posted sign with instructions. Constrution supported by the Mayor Papyrus and Sweet Apple Acres.


Welcome to Ponyville's community compost bin. Open to every pony to use. There is three compartments. The 'Right' is to dispose of scraps, the 'Middle' is used when the pile gets flipped over to. The 'Left' has the finished product as rich planting soil open for any pony to use.

The pile will be 'flipped' quite frequently between the 'Right' and 'Middle' compartments by the caretakers. Which could be either one of the ponies Dreamer Star, Daisy Floral, Roseluck, Golden Harvest or somepony from the farm.

Check to be sure to dump scraps in which ever compartment it is in at the moment and to keep the lids closed. The tools on the side are to maintain the compost so please leave them there. When the compost is new it will take a few weeks to turn in to soil and the finished product will be in the 'Left' compartment.

Please use to dump any kitchen scraps, some organic yard waste, no trash, bones, or meat. Some very small pieces of bones or meat might be okay. egg shells are okay too.

The bins may smell and may feel warm, even hot but that is all normal and is part of the break down process

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