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The Ponyville Club is a new hangout that near the middle of ponyville owned by DJ Xavier. It features the latest in DJ equipment for DJs who play there to use. Also, it has a bar with just about any drink you could ask for.

Acts interested in performing at the club should contact the owner.

Tonight's Entertainment

Treblehoof, Starting at 6:00 Eastern time. (Gmt -4:00)


Friday Night: 6:00PM - 11:59 PM

Saturday Night: 6:00PM - 11:59PM

Sunday Night 6:00PM - 10:00 PM



Drinks Food
Apple Cider 2 Fries 2
Ice Tea 3 Sandwich 3
Smoothie 3 Slice of Pizza 1
Tea 1 Whole Pizza 5
Soda 2 Other 5
Energy Drink 2
Wine 4
Apple Juice 1
Orange Juice 1
Pineapple Juice 1
Other Fruit Juices 1
Custom Beverage 5
Other Drink Not Listed 3

All Prices in Bits.

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