Ponyville is the primary setting for both our RP and the MLP series. It's typically depicted as a small agricultural town on the edge of the Everfree Forest, within sight of Canterlot. It appears to be a very friendly community, and most Ponyville residents seem to know each other by name. Originally founded by earth ponies, Ponyville currently contains a diverse population encompassing all pony races, among other species. It is also the mane place where RP characters appear. It attracts a lot of ponies each week.

Ponyville Holidays

Winter Wrap Up

Nightmare Night

Tornado Day

Establishments Within Ponyville

See Category:Ponyville Locations for a full listing of businesses, gathering places, and locations within Ponyville.


The following is derived from the show.

  • Theft is not tolerated
  • Gambling is allowed


Some of this page is derived from the Friendship is Magic Wiki.

The original article is at Ponyville.

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