What's Pony Proxy?

Pony Proxy is a little python script writtern by Smarty Pants's player.

What does it do?

The script was made to help players who can only post from 1 account on a determined situation (i.e. when you use sms to roleplay). The script will listen to the DM's of a determined account and if it comply with certain format the dm will be posted in one of your alts' accounts. (You will need a server (or pc that runs the script when you need it))

Awesome, where can I download it?

You can't. "Pony Proxy" is in a "extremely beta" phase. It will probably fail a lot.

I still want to try it

Are you sure? If you are you can mention or dm @SmartyPants

Is that all?

Yes, that's all. The script was made to help a friend, but if enough players are interested we could put more effort to it and add stuff.

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