Pina Colada 

An earth pony and also a huge fan of Rainbow Dash! She loves to play, and make friends with other ponies!

Depiction in the series

Piña Colada first appears in Friendship is Magic, part 1. In Call of the Cutie, she appears in Cheerilee's class with a cupcake cutie mark and later at Diamond Tiara's party with a palm tree on an island and an apple core for cutie marks. At one point, there are two versions of her on opposite sides of the room, shown in successive shots. Piña Colada appears in Twilight's vision of magic kindergarten in Lesson Zero with a unicorn horn. She is dressed as a ladybug in Luna Eclipsed, and Twilight gives her candy along with "Noi" and "Princess Erroria". She also competes alongside Berryshine in Sisterhooves Social, where she is wearing a white t-shirt. Piña Colada is also seen in The Cutie Pox as she watches Apple Bloom perform. Piña appears in parts of the second meeting of the Rainbow Dash fan club in The Mysterious Mare Do Well and poses with her for a picture, again accompanied by "Noi" and "Princess Erroria".