"Hi, I'm Photon Bullet. But you can call me Stud-muffin"

Photon Bullet is a pegasus from Cloudsdale. He is a member of the earlier Shadowbolts, an infamous, merciless group of "anti-Wonderbolts".


Photon Bullet graduated from Cloudsdale University and was known as the school bully. He'd trip fillies and colts as they readied themselves to fly laps. His favorite sport was hoofball. After getting kicked out of the hoofball team for stuffing foals into the lockers in the changing room, Photon was encountered by the un-named leader of the Shadowbolts. The pegasus stallion stated "I've seen you. and 'we' have been watching you and we liked what we saw. How would you like to be a member of the best aerial team in Equestria, the Shadowbolts?". Without knowing what he was really getting into, Photon took the offer, assuming he'd be as good as their counter-parts, the Wonderbolts.

Appearence and Personality

Photon Bullet has a pale white coat and grey mane. His Shadowbolts uniform covers his cutie mark, so it's unknown. His blazing fast wings, combined with a cocky attitude, make him a stallion who believes he can conquer any challenge. His speed and accuracy make him one of the top fliers in the Shadowbolts. He is roughly 22.