Phoenix, or Pheo for short, is a red pegasus pony with a black mane and black and gold tail, and gold eye color. His cutie mark is a Phoenix bird, which he was actually born with, creating confusion with his parents, also meaning it would be more difficult to discover his talent. He moved to Ponyville after getting bored with everything in Cloudsdale, where he ran an odd jobs place to help ponies with whatever they needed. He is the older brother to Violet Dasher, and coltfriend to Gentle Rose.


Pheo was born in cloudsdale, spending his youthful days with his father. For the most part, Pheo had a good foalhood, although due to his father being busy, he was mostly left to fend for himself, although he did so only after he became a teen. During his early teen years, he spent his days with the wrong crowd, in turn learning that he had no true friends, as they had deserted him in a small brawl when he needed them most. Some time later, he opened an odd jobs place (unnamed) to help ponies with just about anything. After some time running said odd jobs place, he decided that life in Cloudsdale had gotten too boring for him, the only things to do being work, go watch a race, or help out in the weather factory. Packing his things, he departed for ponyville. Upon arrival, he was greeted by Koori and his son: Jimmy, also known as Gamebrony. He spent about 2 weeks getting used to the town, meeting a few of the mane 6 as well as another close friend: Crystal Kits. During this time he also met Backstory and Autumn bell.

One of the very first things Pheo did after his big move was travel to the Crystal empire after hearing of a recruitment training week, which he stayed the entire duration for. This was his first step into fulfilling his goal of becoming a crystal guard, something he deeply wanted to do ever since his colthood.

After Pheo thought all was peaceful and he was settled, a strange stone appeared on his neck in the shape of a necklace, which had a teal glow to it. After doing some research, he discovered the stone to be Ponychalcos, a stone capable of summoning dark magic known as "The Seal of Ponychalcos", the latter of which could only be called on during a contest (such as a staring contest, or more often: a game of Pony-oh). This stone would begin to attract "unwanted attention" to Pheo in the form of evil ponies working with the seal to take his soul, which was the purpose of the seal of ponychalcos. Weeks pass with Pheo quickly learning to defend himself from the seal, and even how to escape once taken (thanks to the help of Jimmy, who had also lost his soul for a period of time).

He would then meet Silverstorm, one of his most loyal friends, and also his crush later on. After she witnesses just what the seal does, the 2 spend a week or so learning about each other before Silver offers her assistance. Pheo reluctantly accepts.

Later on, Pheo and Silverstorm would make their way to Dartz, the pony behind the ponychalcos, island fortress, sneaking in and capturing a guard to question. After gaining the info they needed, they made their way to Dartz's chambers, revealing the purpose of the seal and his plans. He and Pheo quickly enter a ponychalcos duel, the contest being that the last stallion standing (by means of monster attacks) wins, both summoning dragons of equal strength (pheo's being the red-eyes) and attacking the opposite owners with their attacks, the sight of which making Silverstorm worry about Pheo. After some time exchanging blows, Pheo falls, losing his soul in the process, which forces Silverstorm into believing that Pheo had just died, In the ponychalcos world, Pheo makes his way to the source of the seal: Ponychalcos, the same stone in his necklace. He succeeds in destroying the stone, and the majority of the ponychalcos, the only remaining stone being his. He returns to his body, and a relieved Silverstorm, and informs Dartz of his defeat, forcing the dark pony to stay where he is.

Weeks would pass before any major event happened to Pheo. This changed during his discovery of a waterfall deep in the everfree, later revealed to be the Waterfall of Truth. Said waterfall contained an old magic enabling any that stare into the water to face their darker half, or "Dark Soul." Pheo became addicted into learning more about the waterfall, and after a few duels with his Dark Soul, he eventually lost, being consumed by his negative emotions and for a time becoming Dark Pheo. This Pheo resumed a normal-ish life, putting his friends down and creating both confusion and sadness. At some point, Dark Pheo got the idea to sever all ties with his loved ones in an attempt to ruin his good half's life. Calling Koori, Jimmy, Silverstorm, Itashi, Violet, and Backstory to the waterfall, he nearly convinced his friends that he was lost when the good Pheo suddenly appeared, once again dueling his dark half, this time emerging victorious. His victory let his friends rest easy, and after a small talk, parted ways with Silverstorm, who he has not seen since.

Barely a week later, a TB called Pheo back to the crystal empire, which he eagerly followed. Upon arrival, he was sworn into the crystal guard and given his uniform, having finally fulfilled his dream. For the next few weeks, he would do his duties as a Private in the crystal guard.

At one point, Pheo found an old case in the empire regarding a familiar pony: Dartz. After warning both Koori and Jimmy (as they had been involved in the Ponychalcos incident) he began investigating. A week later or so, Dartz made the first (and ultimately last) move: attacking Pheo, Koori, and Jimmy with strange and powerful electricity based offensive magic, putting the trio on the tip of their hooves, It was then that Pheo's guard training kicked in, using a careful analysis to predict the following moves. Dartz had to remain still to cast his spells, most of which left him open from the sides. While Jimmy charged a powerful defensive magic, Koori and Pheo kept Dartz moving, ultimately leading to the successful launch of Jimmy's spell, and sealing of Dartz against nearly impossible odds.

During the calm days, Pheo would meet Gentlerose, the latter quickly hitting it off and becoming a couple.

Many weeks passed before Shining Armor called Pheo into his office. Having done his duties well, but forgetting a crucial part in a report from an incident over the week (involving Backstory, Poison joke, and bananas). Pheo was promoted to Leiutenant, giving his orders, and sent to finish the investigation. Backstory revealed that he only planted the banana prank which he is known for in Pheo's office, although since the fruits were found in the everfree, poison joke residue pulled a multiplication prank, which resulted in flooding the crystal palace with bananas. The entire situation was soon resolved, with Pheo's fancy new armor and rank stripes to boot.

Talents and abilities

Pheo was trained as a crystal guard, therefore having a basic understanding of martial arts, including disarming, and apprehension.

Pheo also happens to have an above average intelligence, allowing him to analyze a situation a bit more accurately than some. (this was made evident during the second incident with Dartz)

Pheo is an average swordsman, his training as a guard giving an opportunity to improve said skill.


Phoenix recieved the name from his player's family emblem, which depicts a phoenix.

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