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Phazer is a quirky, sort of insane stallion, he makes enimies very easily. He's very obnoxious and will most likely be a total jerk to you if you approach him (On a rare occasion he might be nice, but thats almost as rare as finding a shiny pokemon legitly). He's always plotting awful plans that ultimately fail, or pulling really bad and easy to spot pranks.


Phazer was born and raised in Cloudsdale. After his parents where taken to jail for trying to rob every casino in Las Haygas at once(which was pretty stupid concidering there was only two of them, and about 100 casinos), after this happened he realised his place in the world, stealing shiny objects and using them for evil. His real name is Eugene StickyHooves, but changed it to Phazer DarkHooves because Eugene wasn't an evil enough name, according to MadScientist Inc, the main supplier of all things evil.

Cutie Mark

His cutie mark is a pie, because of his secret passion for pies and baking, he got the cutie mark in his lab, when he accidently combined a pie with dynamite, making an explosive pie and blowing up half of his lab. Once he got it he immediately painted over it to save him the embarrassment. He doesnt mind being called a blank flank, because he knows the truth.


His main talents are mechanics and alchemy, but his other talents include being mean, taunting ponies, and cooking.

Main enimies

@MLP_Melvin T.Eddiebeer, his robotic teddy minion. Melvin refused to be used for evil, so Phazer corrupted his memory and sent him into the EverFree. @mlp_Daring Do and @mlp_Aura Tracer are also some of his enimies, he managed to steal the Sapphire stone once, but was stopped before he could use it. Still hasnt forgiven @mlp_Slendermane for the curse it put on him.

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