Percussion was born in a small town somewhere in Fillydelphia, as he was growing up he spent a lot of his personal time listening to music and practicing it, he played for a local band that was soon disbanded when Percussion was shipped off to fight for Luna's Night Ops. During the war, he played music to bring up morale for the other ponies in his squad, that is where he earned his Cutie Mark, a Percussion drum. He now lives with his adopted daughter in a house atop a hill, he sits on his roof to watch the stars and think.


Most of the time Percussion is peppy and outgoing with other ponies that surround him, but occasionaly he gets in a sappy or depressed mood which he cannot get out of, during those times, he stays away from ponies in general, and hangs his head low. Even though some say when he denies any complements about him that he's getting into that depressed mood, he's not, he's just always that stubborn.


  • Cider
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Sports


  • Awkward Silence
  • Rudeness
  • Certain Ponies
  • Music Contractors


  • Doesn't know his parents
  • Shy around most mares
  • To some extent intellegent

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