Peppy Pines is originally from Manehattan but has a southern accent. Peppy Pines is a explorer always doing challenging things. She is also a traveler that meets many ponies on all her trips, so she's pretty well-known around the world. Right now she is staying at Ponyville with her spiritually (not related by blood) younger sister Melody Breeze they are called sisters because since Melody Breeze's mother and father past away she was raised by Peppy. Peppy was raised by her grandfather. A few years later her mother past away from a carriage accident. And her father was never there for her, but her grandfather was, he taught many things about exploring, and taught her to be brave. That's where she got her amazing skills from! But a few years later her grandfather past away and he told her "never give up, make me proud Peppy!" From then on she continued and did anything to make her grandfather proud!


Peppy is a very competitive and friendly pony. She always helps everypony even though she's competing against them. Peppy is the idol of many fillies, many fillies have said "I want to be brave just like her!" Peppy has always loved how they would want to be like her. Peppy's idol has always been her grandfather. Peppy is very energetic and always says there's no "impossible" she is a pony that never gives up, and that's what makes her special!


Want to RP with Peppy? Just mention her and she'll love to tell you awesome story experiences!