Penny Sonnet is an Earth pony, new to Ponyville, who operates as a freelance ghostwriter and the recently established landlord of Village View Apartments.


Penny Sonnet hails from Whinnypeg, and moved to Ponyville recently to better serve her clients and to take advantage of other opportunities, sometimes for more 'nefarious' schemes, depending on who's asking. She has recently acquired ownership of Village View Apartments, and, while the legal side of things may be taking more time than she'd prefer, she's ready to rent fully furnished rooms to anypony in need of a place to stay.


Though she is a friendly mare who enjoys socializing, Penny finds herself working almost constantly. While extremely business-like to her clients' faces, she tends to mock what they want written to herself later on. However, you won't catch her gossiping - anonymity and confidentiality are central to her business. She tends to be irritated by drama, though she'll be genuinely concerned for the well-being of those affected by it. More affectionate than she necessarily lets on, Penny also shares her home with AppleJay, a bluejay-like bird who lives on her balcony.


Being a freelance ghostwriter (thus using her special talent denoted by her white quill pen cutie mark), Penny can often be found at her typewriter, banging out essays, novels, and articles for her clients - all of whom she keeps strictly anonymous. While writing is her first and foremost talent, she has also shown administrative capability, both in the past and in her current position as a landlord.