Oxyrth is a late-adolescent/young adult Hive Changeling that works as a research drone in the science division of the hive. He has a turquoise mane, short stubby antennae, medium build, with blue eyes. He spent most of his time as a youngling reading and studying in the changeling village. He is very knowledgeable about many different subjects but is rather oblivious to some things even though he claims to know everything. He is very loyal and follows the directions of his superiors. Hates water and although not technically afraid of it or unable to swim, avoids it at all costs. His passion for helping ponies can sometimes get him into trouble. He doesn't eat pony food and likes to drink amrita spiked with coffee. Claims to have discovered amphetamine. Likes the taste of love and happiness and sometimes likes the taste of calmness and contentment. Rather amiable and compliant in social situations and is an active listener. Can sometimes stay focused on a task for hours, and sometimes not be able to focus for 5 minutes. Has slight OCD and doesn't like to break out of routine. Currently in an ongoing secret relationship with @mlp_snowwinter. Loves Queen Chrysalis as a mother and is always anxious to please her. Strongly encourages integration between changelings and ponies.

Known Disguises

Honey Jam

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.17.41 PM

Honeyjam is an Earth pony with a yellow coat and a purple mane. His cutie mark is a Jar of nectar. His special talent is he makes jams so good they make u jelly. He has a naturally calm and slightly anxious demeanor. Is mostly just a neighborly stallion eager to help others. Is reassuring and never criticizes. Stammers when nervous and won't admit when he's upset. Puts everypony else before himself.

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Lithia Sault

An expressive Earth Pony with a three-way personality. 1 part drama queen, 1 part physicist, 1 part animal.

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Storm Shelter

A pegasus pony who's cover is that he works as a weather pony during storm season. He's a quick-witted and erratic flyer and likes to give advice. He often gets carried away as a leader and telling everypony what to do. Strongly encourages safety and disaster prep.

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Hazel Mystic

A manipulative seductress who often manipulates love out of stallions. Always trying to seem innocent during her first impression. Very affectionate and pushy.