Onyx is one Crystal Pony who never lost his luster for he is secretly a traitor to the Crystal Empire, instead aiding King Sombra as much as he can. He currently resides in the Kingdom, judging if he can do anything there that would ultimately help his King to take over again.


Onyx is a bider who is obedient but only to King Sombra himself. He acts in whatever way he needs to to be where he needs to be to help the tyrant kind, making it impossible to say he acts a certain way when not under his direct command as pure evil. But he is very twisted-minded himself and will do anything the King orders, no matter what it is.


Onyx lived with the other current Crystal Ponies, living through King Sombra's tyranny. His corruption got the better of Onyx, twisting his mind and personality from a good pony to the evil servant he is today.


Currently, Onyx is not know to have any powers but Crystal Ponies may have something that the other ponies don't, which Onyx would inheritently have, too. He desires to one day have some of King Sombra's powers, granted to him by the King himself of course, but that has yet to happen, if it will.


Crystal Empire

Onyx acts like he is one of the Crystal Ponies while it has purpose, so they don't suspect a thing.

King Sombra

Onyx was corrupted when the tyrant king was in control, but the King never intended it to happen and he has yet to meet Sombra in person.

Player Notes

I play 5 other IC accs and 1 OOC acc, so I can get taxed when using multiple at once. But I manage nonetheless. I also have school from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM and get home 20 minutes after. My internet is limited to 3 hours per week day and 8 per weekend day. Onto this character, yes, it's a Crystal Pony OC! Run for cover! Done? Good. Now that that's done, yes, he's a villian. My first. The idea is that he doesn't have Sombra's support. So, I will inform the player of this character but will not ask his permission. If the player doesn't like him, oh well, I will compromise this rejection into the RP.


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