Okiku is a very special ghost. She is special because she has many forms. She can make a spell to make her look like a normal alive pony. Yes, Okiku is not specifically dead, she's alive but a ghost. Okiku is not scary at all, but most think she is, after all she is a ghost. She always thinks why is she so different. But that is what makes her special. She loves Twilight Sparkle for no reason, and also Fluttershy. Okiku's other form is not evil, just dangerous. She turns into this form to protect her friends from danger. She might look weak but she is not. She has hidden powers. Although most ponies dislike her, she is very nice in he inside. She can't bake. But she can eat. Don't judge a book by its cover.


Okiku has been living in a grave because she doesn't want to feel hated in Equestria. But one day she decided to explore with out knowing what might happen. At first she visited Twilight Sparkle home and met Spike and Twilight Sparkle Okiku wasn't a ghost back then, she was just normal, but she got bullied for her looks, so she became a ghost randomly. She then got sucked into a grave and was locked there until she was let out. Then and on starts her adventure!


Okiku is very shy and very easily offended and sensitive. Is very harmful unless she turns to her other form. Although she can be very fun and loving. Okiku is mostly just a baby ghost. She loves cookies. Okiku is also very easily scared. Anything might scare her. She has a very soft and a bit spooky voice. So what if she's a ghost, she is still a good friend!


Want to RP with Okiku? Just mention her, but don't scare her or anything! She'll be happy to chat or have some hot coco with cookies!