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Oddball is just an odd pony as most say. She loves science and inventing. Daughter of a mad-scientist. Oddball has not gone outside of her lab since she was 4, mostly because of ponies talking and making fun of her odd ways; nopony likes to be judged or humiliated. Oddball is a genius and uses high vocabulary. Her IQ is very high. Breaks the scale. She got her oddness and smartness from her father who is a mad-scientist. Her mother passed away when she was one year old. She is usually alone in her lab either doing crazy sciency stuff or inventing.

Oddball's Personality

Oddball is very odd, as you can see from her name. Stays quiet unless talked too. Also is very annoyed easily. She is crazy and you are not able to understand what she's saying when it comes to science or inventing. She is also entertained with any kind of building games or science fun. She enjoys doing high IQ games like hard cross-word puzzles. She is into mystery and solving activities. She is good at explaining many things. Although quiet outdoors, she is very active and loud inside her lab where she feels more comfortable in.


Mainly Oddball is good at many things that include thinking and building. Her main talents are science or inventing. She is also good at mathematics, language, reading. She knows many different languages. She is also good at spelling, grammar etc. Most of her talents involve learning. She knows a lot of physical movements but isn't quite her skill. She also loves to study animals and behaviors. Has won Smartest Filly 3,000 times although she hates the contests name Smartest "Filly"


  • She once made a mind control device.
  • Has been called evil. (she's not)
  • When she was 1 she thought her father was her mother.
  • When she was 3 she made a robot.
  • Has had a pet snake before.


RP with Oddball anytime. Just never call her filly. Mention her and become friends. She really needs friends. :)