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Octavius Rush is an earth pony stallion who currently lives in Ponyville. He was born in Canterlot.


Octavius is a quiet, intelligent, musical pony. Being quiet doesn't mean that he isn't an outgoing pony by any means. He loves to meet new ponies, participate in social events, and hang out with his friends. In his spare time, Octavius creates music using multiple instruments. These include the guitar, bass guitar, drums, violin, piano, electric organ, and a synthesizer. He also writes novels in his spare time, hoping to one day have them published.



Octavius was born and raised in Canterlot by his mother and father. He was the first of three foals, having two younger sisters. Just like any foal growing up in Canterlot, he was raised to be to follow the "high class" standards. This included being civil, polite, and respectful.

Octavius hated this way of life and escaped it through his music. He began to compose songs and play several different instruments at a young age. His father took notice to his son's talent and enrolled him in music lessons at the Royal Canterlot Conservatory of Arts to further develop his abilities. He was in his second year of lessons when he earned his cutie mark. While all of his classmates were in their second year completing grade two of the lessons, he was in his second year completing the fifth grade.


Octavius spent two years of his life travelling across Equestria, learning the different cultures that made each region unique. It was through these experiences that he further developed his knowledge of music, studying under the musicians of the different regions. It was also on these trips that he begun his memoirs detailing his journey from start to finish.

Current Life

Octavius just recently moved into a cottage on Ponyville from Canterlot looking for a nice, quiet town to settle down in, away from the noise and chaos of the big city. He remembered passing through Ponyville during his travels and thought that it would be the perfect place to settle down in. He spent most of the day he moved unpacking and organizing all of his belongings to make his new home more comfortable. That night, Pinkie Pie threw a pre-Winter Wrap Up party to celebrate the event that would take place the very next day. Octavius was able to participate in Winter Wrap Up, helping Pinkie Pie and the other ponies on their teams score the lakes by skating across them.


Octavius is a skilled musician and author, having written hundreds of songs and dozens of novels since his colthood. He is well-versed in the different philosophies of Equestria, having visited many tribes during his travelling. He is a very intelligent pony, having spent a lot of his life reading books on various subjects.

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