Night Snow was a plain filly when she found a black magic necklace, she found it in a ancient place at night, but she doesn't remember anymore, reporters and newpapers asked her, "Where did you find it?" All she can answer is, "I don't remember." People always tried to steal it, but the black magic always protected her from people, even friends and families.

She has a sister called, White Snow. She hasn't found her until she moved in Ponyville. She was adopted but her parents (the adopters) past away, she started moving in Ponyville, she never knew, where she was from or lived before moving to Ponyville. Her cousin that she knew was, Rainbow Dash.

Night Snow always hated her sister, she's short and a filly. She always makes fun of her, for not having a cutie mark, but when people asked her who was her sister, when she answered, "White Snow." People would be confused because they both looks nothing like each other.


Night Snow has a gray coat, she has a star next to her right eye, which shows that she is a powerful master at black magic, and is a star. Her cutie mark is a half moon with 2 stars next to it. She wears a red fat ribbon on each of her legs. Her eyes are always bright red, when she is calm, when she is angry, her eyes turns bloody red. (She is not violent, this is naturally for her.)

Her personality is a bit, well, mean, she is sometimes quiet. She is sometimes cruel to her sister, but nice to other people. She have a dark soul, but is nice. Her black magic mostly controls her soul, but herself is still in her heart.


She mostly have no friends, and tries to make friends. She has a bestie friend. Her name is Nightstar.