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Night Angel is an Earth Pony who is now lives in Ponyville. She is working at the Mountain Bros' Metals, which is owned by Mountain Bash.


Night Angel is a pink purple-ish mare who moved to Ponyville from Manehattan to look for a new opportunity.

Early Life

Night Angel was born in Manehattan. She lives with her parents. She went to a university in Manehattan and graduated with qualified score. She was then having a problem looking for a job, because in Manehattan, job application is hardly any. Then she discussed to her parent about moving to Ponyville which both of them agreed. Packed with some supplies and some bits, she was off to Ponyville. Arrived at Ponyville, she was in luck because there was a barn party. She met a pony named Mountain Bash. She had a great talk and great conversation with him. After the barn party, Night Angel was asked to work at MBM, Mountain Bash's new workshop. Night Angel was happily accepted the offer. As time flies, the relationship between Night Angel and Mountain Bash is getting tighther. She is now lived with Mountain Bash in the Workshop along with his brother Cobalt Bash.


A marefriend of Mountain Bash.

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