-Naiads nymph ( pronounce Ney-i-Ads Nimf)

-she always have a bow tie in her mane

- she's strangely shy but energetic when she want

- she's emotional


-beginner into making smoothies

- have an French accent


- fruits and légume

- Drinks

- Playing at the park

- Lake

- Garden

- Friends


- Mean ponies

- Being stuck at home

- Everything that is scary

- Being alone


One day she happily came to life


She can easily tell what aliment is fresh or not because fresh aliment make excellent smoothie.


Her dream is to be the best in mixology (*definition* the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks) and built a place where pony will enjoy her drinks.

Occ/player notes.

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I'm not new from this community and RP so I would like person to follow the rules the best they can so we can have all fun.

- Please be a bit detailed in the RP also I might not be really good in English and the reason it is because my first language isn't English so I would like a bit of respect toward that and the fact my grammar is horrible , thank you

- do not Uses or control my character action. As I am the player I dislike when person decide the action of my Oc's at my place

- Feel free to mention me anytime i'm often open to any RP