Dear Sister,

My memory may be gone but I still cling onto what brought me here.

I remember you,

I remember what I've done,

I remember what I must now do!

Nadir rift, a unicorn with his memory completely lost after an experment went wrong. upon waking up near "The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters" he ventures around equestria in hopes to rediscover who he is.


(no real backstory other than whats mentioned)

Awakening near an abandoned castle within the Everfree, having no memory of who he was or where he is, haunted by the nightmares of the incident he travels around Equestria in an attempt to re-discover himself.

Current History

After aimlessly wondering the everfree Nadir was found by Lightning Star Shard and taken in, cleaned, feed and shown around. he looks upto Lightning as a bit of a teacher. (more info coming)


  • Mother - (Unknown)
  • Father - (Unknown Possibly Sombra)
  • Siblings - Solstice (deceased or missing)

Player Notes

hi, I'm the player of Nadir Rift. I'm fairly new to TwitterPonies RP, I've been developing a character over the past few months and decided to use him for this, hence why things may seem a bit random with him. Nadir Rift in my oppinion is the kind to get lost in research or go out on an adventure but we'll see what he is like as his story progresses.

as it says above my TimeZone is GMT+10 but the times I'm awake or available my vary greatly so don't be afraid to contact me via dm if you're not sure I'm awake!