Musica is an earth pony who loves to make music and compose songs. She also loves to hang out with Slashy everyday. She also enjoys making songs.


Musica is a fun type pony and she really loves to hang out with friends. She always make songs and do some DJ. She always hang out with her first and lovable friend, Slashy. She also enjoys watching movies and play with her buddy. And also, she loves sleepovers. She also teases some ponies if they are singing secretly because she also want to judge their voice. She is a type also when she can be a little mean to others, because some ponies call her weirdo for no reason. So, she tries to hurt their feelings by siging in front of a crowd how bad they are. But she also apologizes for doing that to them.

She also loves adventures, mostly with her buddy. She always jumps around to see where the 'fun' takes place in, but mostly they go to the Everfree Forest.

Cutie Mark

Musica's Cutie mark

Improved Cutie Mark

Her cutie mark is like with a letter M, with an eighth note on the upper right. This means that she really loves to hear music. And, she can also compose songs.


When she is young, Musica is used to make a song called, "Baby lot's a lot". When the day comes, she tried to imprese her parents by siging in front of them. But suddenly, she failed to do so. In one faithful day, a Sonic Rainboom occured, and her voice suddenly became better than ever. She asked her parents again to go to the living room to watch her performance. When she's done, her parents hugged her and told her, that she has a little spark near her flank. Then, she shakes her head and looks at her new cutie mark. All day, all night; she has been staring to her flank.