Moonshine is a quiet pony from a city afar. He likes making his friends smile, and those around him, and others feel good. The ways he does this is he likes talking to ponies individually, or even all together. He can be quite affectionate the more you get to know him too! He's often seen awake late at night staring up at Princess Luna's sky every night. He admires the work she puts into it, and wishes he could further his artistic abilities from her. He used to write short stories and was given the nickname, Storywriter.

Moonshine currently lives a short trot's way out of Ponyville. It's a small cottage outside of Ponyville, on a road that splits off of the main road between Ponyville and Canterlot. He currently is looking for work around town. He loves knitting as well, and is often seen if the weather's nice enough knitting outside and enjoying the day.