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Almost in-active-ish :/


Moon Dash is a pony who was born and raised in Manehattan. She moved to Ponyville on the 16th June 2012 so she could get away from the noise and pollution of the city, and so she could be closer to her cousin Rainbow Dash, even though they havent really spoken much, they're still close. She definately prefers the country to the city.


As a filly, she would play with her other pegasus friends up high among the rooftops and in the parks. Her cutie mark is a guitar with a lightning bolt under it.


Moon Dash (known as Moon to her friends) is quite a witty pony who loves music, guitar, and flying. Some of her least favourite things are; cocky people, ants, and she is also superüber scared of people who are well built, for fear that they might hurt her in some way. Even still, she is capable of overcoming these fears if she feels it is the best thing to do.


Moon played the guitar for a band when she was in Manehattan, but when she moved she got kicked out, but even though that would put most people of joining another band, moon is just as eager as ever to join another one ASAP.

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