Mona is a ruthless, cold drone from the deepest darkest depth of the Changeling castle. She is feisty, stubborn but, very pretty


Mona was awakened and hatched in the summer of 2013, not being able to speak true until being exposed to the feeding of ponies. She became addicted to feeding from ponies that she sneak out of the village to kidnap her prey.

General Appearence

Mona is a fairly pretty looking drone with a gun-metal grey shell covering. She has beautifully built body, accompanied by a light blue mane and tail, styled with a ponytail. Her fangs are as sharp as her attitude.

Her split personality, Rachel, is a light brown Pegasus with a brown and black mane. Her eye are bright red.


Mona has a split personality disorder. As herself, she is very cold and heartless, feeling no remorse for the pain she causes for her victims. She can also be very territorial, hissing and snapping at anything that doesn't resemble... well.... herself.

As her alternative disguise, or "Rachel", she is kind hearted and curious. A friendly mare with a great sense of humor. This is beyond Mona's control until she reaches the hive again.