Mist Chaser was born in cloudsdale, 2 years after her brother Solar Chaser. Not even 3 days into her life, her parents abandoned her and Solar in cloudsdale. She was living in a hotel, for which she worked for her food and home, because it is cheaper for the owner to her than actual employees.

She was Adopted later by Silvershy and Glyde.

She is currently living with Solar, Glyde, Silvershy, Treble Riff, Blaze, Puff and Streak in Ponyville.


She was a very Shy Pony at first, but has pried herself out of that shell.

She has sass, and tries to look more powerful than her Brother all the time. She's a pony of few words.


She is very good at ground acrobatics, but has sort of abondoned the adventuring dream as she continues to love caring for the foals at home.


She is very close to her brother, Solar Chaser, as they cared for eachother as they grew up.

She and Blaze have been really close ever since she came to the house.

She was adopted by and lives with Silvershy and Glyde, Her new siblings are Treble Riff, Blaze, Puff and Streak.

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