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This character is inactive.

This character has been inactive in our RP for a considerable amount of time, has voluntarily left the RP, or we've never had an account for them.

If this is an Original Character (OC), it shouldn't be re-created, copied, or adopted without the original player's permission. If this is a Show Character or Show-Derived Character, it may be up for adoption, contact the previous player for more information.

Miracle is a Unicorn that resides in Canterlot. She is the owner of The Thirst Quencher, which was at one time owned by her mother, Wizard. It is also her place of residence.


Miracle lives in a family with her parents, Wizard and Flare Star (her mother and father, respectively). They named her Miracle because of how she saved them from an accident. Her mother, Wizard, is expecting a foal in a couple months. She's expecting the new foal to be born sometime in May-June of this year.


Miracle may be blunt and a little snobby, but in reality, she's actually a nice pony when you get to know her better. She's also intelligent, but not super intelligent and helps those who are in need.


Her abilities include: Conjuring water for refreshments and placing ice cubes in cups during the summer months. She can also create cups for multiple ponies when there are parties or for special occasions. She also can freeze a small patch of ground for a few seconds, but it turns into a puddle afterward.


She enjoys swimming during the summer months. Reading and writing are another couple of her interests. She likes traveling out of town for her business because her mother's at the clinic, awaiting for the new foal.

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