Minty is a unicorn pony that moved from a little town called Abersteed but is now living in Ponyville. She runs a creamery, The Cake Family Creamery.


Minty is a mint green unicorn with a light mint mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a mint ice cream cone. She tastes and smells faintly of mint, due to a spell gone wrong.

Minty Young

Minty as a filly


When Minty was a little filly, she lived in the small town of Abersteed with her father, Chocolate C. Cakes and mother, Vanilla S. Cakes. Her parents owned the Cake Family Creamery. The creamery's goal was to make the best ice cream and its goal was fulfilled, until one fateful day.

Minty was trying to help her family with the batch of ice-cream, so when her parents stepped out Minty tried a new spell to make what you used it on sweeter. But instead of making it sweeter, it swapped the atributes of the two! And Minty became mint colored, mint smelling, and even mint flavored! And the ice-cream became all gray and brown, and tasted like pony! When her parents came back, they unknowingly scooped and served the ice-cream to ALL of their customers, and the customers became gravely ill! They had to close down the creamery, and that was the end of the Cake Family Creamery. Until Minty revived the place in Ponyville to try and restore it to it former glory and restore honor to the Cake family name!


Minty's magic theme is Ice which can be used to freeze things, and be used to make frozen sweet's such as ice cream which makes it easy for her to prepare and freeze her ice cream with ease!


  • Minty's favorite series of books is "The Baker and the Blacksmith", a romantic drama following an orange stallion named Daysun, and his lover Lemon Hearth.
  • Her favorite flavor of ice-cream is Mint. Obviously.
  • Her favorite meal to get at the café is a Mint sandwich with a Chocolate shake.