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Medley is a Pegasus pony that work in the Cloudsdale`s weather factory in the snowflake making section. She is very friendly, and she is looking for new friends. In some episodes, she is seen as an earth pony too.

Cutie mark

Her Cutie mark is a white raining cloud. She earned her cutie mark by singing in the rain.

Cutie mark Story

When she was young, she really liked to sing. Her mother tought that she would be a singing pop star someday, but that did not happen. One day, Medley had to preform a song infront of a big croud. She got scared and floated away. She was ashamed, sitting on a cloud. It was raining. She started to sing a song while clearing the sky. Then a bright flash appeared. She looked at her cutie mark spot, and there it was. A small cloud raining. Thats how she got her Cutie mark.