Maven Cash is a unicorn, currently residing in Ponyville. He moved there from Fillydelphia in February of 2012, and hosts Trivia Tuesday every week on the PWNY radio station. He loves games and sneakers.


Maven Cash is a pony that loves playing games and generally having fun, either alone or with other ponies. While he's happy most of the time, when sad or angry, he prefers to be left alone. Maven also loves puns, sometimes to the pain of others, and isn't above celebrating when he makes a really good (read: bad) one.


In Fillydelphia, he was born to Math Maven, a Unicorn mare who is a professor of mathematics in Filly, and Quick Cash, an Earth pony stallion, a retired racer and, current motivational speaker. He hosted weekly radio variety and quiz shows before being let go due to a change in formatting, after which, Maven sold his house and left to find another place to ply his craft. After stops in Detrot and Memphooves, he arrived in Ponyville on the 17th on February, 2012, and purchased a house there on the 22nd of the same month.

Current Events

Trivia Tuesday

Maven was hired as a radio quiz question writer in April 2012, mailing his written questions to the stations in Las Pegasus and Seaddle. On the 6th of June in 2012, he was hired to host a trivia program, Trivia Tuesday, on Tuesdays (of course), at 8 EST, which is currently on break.

Ponyville Name Pendings

In July of 2015, Maven accidentally purchased Ponyville's baseball team, the Ponyville Name Pendings, for one bit. He has then looked into acquiring staff and players to improve the hapless team.

Provisional Knight of Friendship

Maven is also a provisional member of Twilight Sparkle's Knights of Friendship.

Powers and Stuff

When it comes to creating games, he's one of the best. Playing board and card games are other strengths for Maven. He's not too good at most sports, though, but he can hold his own at hockey and won't embarass himself on a soccer pitch. His magical powers are standard fare for a unicorn, but he can produce better lighting and sound spells than most other unicorns, but doesn't know why. He couldn't teleport reliably for awhile, but during a freak magic surge, "trained" his body to teleport via repetition.

Trivia and Misc.

Maven Cash's initials are "MC", which is a homonym for "emcee".

He loves wearing sneakers (and other hoofwear), and will sometimes even sleep while wearing them.

((His player is from Pennsylvania, and usually stays until around 2 AM. His OOC account is @MavenCash. Enjoy!))