This character is inactive.

This character has been inactive in our RP for a considerable amount of time, has voluntarily left the RP, or we've never had an account for them.

If this is an Original Character (OC), it shouldn't be re-created, copied, or adopted without the original player's permission. If this is a Show Character or Show-Derived Character, it may be up for adoption, contact the previous player for more information.

Screenshot 6

Margaux Blackhearts is an alicorn princess.She was graduated into alicorn because,she has a school that is named "Princess Beyond The School",she was titled "Hearts Coronated Princess".


She was sweet,a little sweet.Unlike Rarity,she was'nt a crybaby,she also has a sister named Maria Redhearts,which is opposite,her cutiemark shows 3 blackhearts.She sometimes opens her twitter account/everyday,because she was busy trotting around Ponyville,to meet some new friends.She sometimes fly,and she everyday uses her magic,she was really an alicorn princess,her mother was an alicorn queen,named Queen Persia Hearts,she was belonged in Heart Kingdom,her father,King Josh Kinghearts and her little sister.

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