Mare-xi-can snacks is a place that has Mare-xi-can's spicy food. The place has lots of spicy food and drinks, some spicy food require a high tech suit because the chef have to cook super hot chilly.


The manager of Mare-xi-can snacks is Rainbow Lotus . She's has interest in spicy stuff and tried many. Of course she survived the spiciness, cuz she can take the heat for a long time. She started working for Milkshake Delights for a while and since Lina pays a large amount of money, she got enough money to open her spicy nacho store.


 Spicy stuff

-Rainbow nachos with extra chilli sauce

-Chilli sauced with maccaroni


-Apple pie with whip cream

-Cookie Dessert - Cookies in cup microwaved with whip cream on top and sprinkles

-Oreo ice cream

-Nutellla cookies

-Marshmallows with chocolate dip

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