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Marbelle is a pegasus pony from Fillydelphia . She currently stays in a campsite she made in the crown of a tree.


Marbelle has a flowing, dark gray-turquiose mane and tail and a soft, light silver coat. Her cutie mark is a steel-tipped chisel with a wooden grip. Marbelle is tall and slender for her young age. She has a soft yet humble voice.

Marbelle enjoys learning about the new things she discovers in Ponyville. She can sometimes be slightly impatient. She is seemingly shy around new ponies she hasn't met, but overall, she is very outgoing and playful. Marbelle does sometimes tend to worry about the slightest of things. She appears to have a hearing problem, but that is not the case. Since Marbelle didn't go to a public school as a filly, she has not heard of many things that would be outside of a house, so she tends to mispronounce them ocassionally. She tends to befuddle herself and occaisionally other ponies around her with her mispronunciations. Marbelle enjoys munching on small snacks. She rarely ever eats a large meal. Sour things are her favorite kinds of food. Her imagination has ran wild ever since she was a small filly and sometimes she grows fond of the imaginary friends she creates.


Marbelle was born in the town of Fillydelphia and lived with her wealthy grandparents. Her parents worked off in Manehattan creating great sculptures. They would occassionaly visit her and teach her everything they knew about sculpting perfection. She enjoyed learning about sculpting wtih her parents more than anything. Her grandfather taught her how to play several instruments and her grandmother taught her how to paint and sketch, but both of those weren't as important as sculpting. She soon decided that her dream was to open up her own studio, but the only issue was, she wasn't allowed to leave the mansion for any reason. Her grandparents didn't leave a reason why. Months later, Marbelle's parents were at the door talking to her grandparents. Marbelle noticed and walked up asking who it was. Her grandparents decided to tell her what was happening. Marbelle's parents were going off to a far away city to work there for a while and wouldn't be able to come visit Marbelle for a long time. She decided that maybe if she became the greatest sculptor in all of Equestria, her parents would eventually come visit her again. So she set off into the vast, unknown world not knowing what laid ahead.


Marbelle has a good view on how to sculpt well, but she is constantly hindered on being able to finish large projects she started on because she always wanted to have a nap. Her grandfather taught her how to play certain musical instruments, so she is also good at playing the piano. She tends to play songs that she heard as a small filly. Marbelle also seems to enjoy swimming, even though she has never experienced what a pool is until after leaving Fillydelphia.

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