Home Town History

He grew up in a small town in Neigh York he had two friends. one being a pegasus the other being a changeling. The changeling left him because he didn't believe him when a rumor was spread about him. When that friend left him he was alone for a long time. one day he got angry at some bullies and got some cool powers when he is angry. then he met Draco enssanse his best friend for a long time they even got their cutie marks at the same time!

how he got his cutie mark

When he was in school with Draco, the teacher gave the class the assignment of creating something that defines you. and the teacher said that they could work in groups. so when Makaar and Draco got back to Makaar's house they started brain storming ideas. Then it came to them to make a movie! Draco wold write the script and Makaar would film and edit it! when they presented Makaar was a little shy at first but he got through it! when he got home to tell his family he saw that his cousins cotton and jingles were visiting. he couldn't be happier. then he looked at his flank and saw his cutie mark!

deciding to leave his home town

when he was about 16 he decided he wanted to move when he was 18. he didnt know where yet he just knew he needed to get away. so one day he decided to get on the train. he was headed to ponyville he had read some books on the place and it sounded cool to him.

Current History


he is very smart but a tad bit crazy at times. can out smart most ponies.


his editing and filming skill are his best ones


He has learned many spells over the years and he has this big spell book from his uncle.


He is a film maker who works at a forge and his a guard. He just doesn't know what to do at the moment because he is a new recruit.


his lovely marefriend:  mlp_valkyreS

his four daughters:

extended family

his Uncle Tymes and his wife Holliedaze

his cousins:



  • video games
  • movies
  • making friends


  • those who lie to him
  • those who don't believe him
  • those who hate him for no reason

Player Notes

likes all the same things! my ooc is  @geicoman07 i have had some medical troubles when i was 13