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Maestro Nepenthes (Pronounced: /ma'estro nɜ'pɛnðɜs/; Italian: Maestro Nepente; German: Maestro Kannenpflanze) is a pegasus musician, composer, classical music enthusiast and Mozartian. He currently resides in Cloudsdale. He is also known as Il Maestro di Musica Classica at the Cloudsdale Music Conservatory.


Basic Description

Nepenthes is a pegasus stallion who works at the Cloudsdale Music Conservatory as an associate composer. He composes music on a permanent basis, and has composed numerous musical works, which include symphonies, concerti, sonatas, divertimenti and operas. An interesting detail is that he composes his music with a musical style closely modelled after the style of Mozart and other Classical Era composers.


Although he may seem to be quite sociable at times, Nepenthes is actually an introvert, and is rather shy. Usually, he has a pretty quiet speaking voice, which is quite 'bass-baritone'-like in nature. On the streets, he is usually seen to be quite socially awkward. He is far from being aggressive, and is somewhat a peacemaker. He can be rather indecisive at times. Despite having the capability to be a leader, he is rather reluctant to be in charge of other ponies. Nevertheless, he is very friendly with other ponies, especially with his good friends. He has a personality profile with relatively low dominance (5%) and inducement (10%), but with rather high submission (50%) and compliance (35%).


Nepenthes is extremely passionate about classical music, particularly music from the Classical Era. He especially enjoys the music of Mozart. He also enjoys operas a lot. When nopony else is around, he usually hums melodies from the music works he enjoy. He enjoys composing music and playing his musical instruments. He also likes to sing, especially using his falsetto vocal range. Not to forget, Nepenthes also enjoys talking about classical music.

Despite being a musical pony, Nepenthes is also interested in Mathematics and the Sciences. He is especially enthusiastic about Mathematics and Chemistry, although they are not what he is most passionate about.

Talents and Abilities

Nepenthes is able to compose music at a relatively fast rate, due to his ability to gain inspiration for his music quickly. He also has a relatively good (and selective) memory which allows him to remember numerous musical ideas and motifs. He is also able to play four different musical instruments, namely, the piano, flute, recorder and mouth organ. He is also able to sing both with his bass modal register and with his soprano (more accurately 'sopranist') falsetto register, though he prefers to sing with the latter. Although he has a modal vocal range of three octaves (E2-E5), his comfortable modal vocal range spans not wider than two octaves (E2-E4). Interestingly, he has a falsetto vocal range of four octaves (C3-C7), with his effective falsetto range being over three octaves (F3-A6) and his tessitura being from a soprano low F (F4) to a soprano high E (E6). He can sing coloratura reasonably well and is able to do wide vocal leaps. Due to his emphasis on diction, he makes an effort to sing with a pronunciation as accurate as possible, especially with the Italian and German languages. He also knows music history reasonably well.

Nepenthes is also able to do sketching pretty well, and has quite fine art abilities. He is also quite talented in Mathematics and the Sciences.

Cutie Mark


The cutie mark of Maestro Nepenthes.

Nepenthes has a treble clef as his cutie mark, due to his strong interest and enthusiasm for music. Though just a regular treble clef, there is more to just a mere strong interest in music.

The treble clef represents Nepenthes' affinity with the higher pitch range. The 'regular' shape of the treble clef represents his conformity to the musical styles of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic Eras.

Originally a Science-and-Mathematics-based colt, Nepenthes had always thought logic to be the meaning of life. But after he discovered his passion for music, especially classical music, he realised that there is more to logic in life. That was when he attained his cutie mark. 


Nepenthes was born as Nepenthes Worker in Cloudsdale to two pegasi engineers without much musical background. Before he turned one, he was taught the keyboard in a neighbourhood junior music school and started formal piano lessons not long after he turned one. At age one, he was also introduced to Meteorology, and this sparked his interest in Science.

Just before he turned two, Nepenthes, then Hooves, explored basic Ornithology and was interested in birds of prey. When he was two, he became interested in carnivorous plants, which his mother had been working with in her career then. Then, he found his passion in Chemistry and Mathematics. His interest in music and art also grew a little.

Then, after he turned three, Nepenthes had a sudden interest in the music of Beethoven and Clementi. One day, when he was listening to the classical music radio channel, he heard Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen from Mozart's Die Zauberflöte. He then explored more about the music of Mozart and gradually fell in love with his music. He also developed an interest in classical music and operas. He also discovered an interest in the music of J. S. Bach, Vivaldi, Salieri, Joseph Haydn, Michael Haydn, Mendelssohn, Rossini, Bellini and Johann Strauss Jr.

At age five, Nepenthes was enrolled in the Cloudsdale Music Conservatory, in which he studied music performance, theory, composition and history. He graduated from the conservatory at age eight. He then became an associate composer of the conservatory, and received the title Maestro at age ten. He has remained an associate composer at the conservatory ever since.

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