Ludwig Beethooven works as a freelance pianist in Ponyville. Currently, he lives with his friend, Caissa Lasker. Can often be found wandering, or pondering. Or both. Has a passive obsession with a certain hat.


In order to keep up the appearance of the musicians from Canterlot, Ludwig acts high class. Those close to him, however, know that he's not all he seems to be. He acts starkly different when he is alone or with those he feels close to. Because he knows this, it makes it hard for him to approach others until he knows he can trust them to respect those back in Canterlot as truly "hoity-toity". Considers himself a "night owl"... metaphorically speaking. Late nights he Is often found wandering, his second favorite activity. Can be awkward.


Ludwig is a pianist originally from Canterlot. He was born poor, but soon his father figure found out about his talent for the piano, and he was able to join an orchestra at the young age of 15. Since then, he has moved away to Ponyville to work freelance/independently, though he can still be found playing at the Grand Galloping Gala on occasion.

Cutie Mark

Two sets of eighth notes, one black and the other white.